How Secure is Your Security System?

December 18, 2014

I think we may have all heard about the recent Sony hacking case. This has amplified the discussion about how insecure the internet can be, as well as whether other things can be hacked. Alarm systems can also be targets to hacking. Not all systems are created equal and it is important to know the caliber of the alarm product in your home or business. I will always tell my clients that a security system will not keep a professional out. Our goal is to discourage the typical burglar. But because technology is advancing so fast, typical burglars are changing too. A system should be installed with the idea of detecting an event, and relaying that information to someone for help. Picking the product carefully, with knowledge, lessens the vulnerability of a system.

Take a look at the segment that Good Morning American ran last week regarding hacking into an alarm system:

This is sobering yet believable. Having grown up in the alarm industry, we only "hardwired" systems in the early years, which proved to be pretty darn secure. Today, however, wireless protection is necessary in a lot of installations and this is where things have changed. Sadly most of the big alarm companies offer very inexpensive installations, with products that have been exposed as insecure to hacking.

We sell two primary security products --- DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) and Videofied. The wireless transmission in both of these product lines is "encrypted" and protects from the hacking demonstrated in the video.

When asked about their wireless product, DMP answered:

"Our wireless protocol is fully encrypted for both transmission and reception. The algorithm is immensely complex. Hacking is virtually impossible. So is jamming the signal. In our UL testing it was determined that a 10 watt jamming source had to be located within 4 inches of a transmitter to keep it from reaching the receiver. The receiver itself was unable to be jammed in the UL testing with anything the inspector had."

And similarly, we received this feedback from Deanna Blair, our representative for Videofied:

“….you should know that Videofied delivers encrypted, wireless security equipment in a world of insecurity and hackers!”

Some of the characteristics of the Videofied product are:

  • AES Encryption between the panel and device
  • AES encryption between the panel and your central station.
  • Continuously changing, dynamic encryption keys
  • Military-grade, spread spectrum prevents radio jamming and interference
  • Bi-directional, error-checking RF communication

This is why choosing a security company is more than just price. Making sure there is thought and research put into picking the type of product that is installed in your home or business. We take what we do seriously and take the extra steps and precautions to deliver the best the industry has to offer. No alarm system is immune to some sort of interference. But you can reduce the exposure by choosing carefully.

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