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came security alarms

My dad always said, "If you take care of your customers, they will stay with you."

My father started his security business in 1955, and this simple premise stands out as the most important thing he taught me. I grew up learning the business from him, and I watched as he serviced his customers throughout the decades and saw how he took care of them. Years of working and managing the business helped me fully understand what my father meant. I became the owner of Came Security Alarms in 2002 and have kept that philosophy alive.

At Came Security Alarms we strive to provide the best in security and fire protection, giving our customers peace of mind. We pride ourselves on maintaining a working knowledge of current California State codes as well as a clear understanding of local standards that may apply. Personalized service paired with technical knowledge is where we stand out. And our commitment to ongoing review of new technologies and fine-tuning our internal operations to be more efficient directly benefits our customers.

We are a straight-forward company that offers information and solutions, with no pressure. Call us and let us help you with your security needs.

- Colette Came


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