CHIME Function Update

May 30, 2019

If your system uses either cellular or wifi communications to "talk to us", we periodically send updates to your control panel in order to stay ahead of changes. These updates can affect some basic functions of your system — nothing that would undermine your security -- but changes that are easy to deal with.

One function is the CHIME function (or Zone Monitor). Many of us have the CHIME feature turned on for all the windows and doors, all the time. One recent update changed this function so that the CHIME feature was only turned on for doors that you use to exit I enter your house or business.

This is easily fixed by going into the MENU on your keypad and turning the CHIME back on for all doors and windows (perimeter). If you find this happening and you need help — just give us a call and we'll walk you through. This again is in an effort to keep your system up to date on all changes and feature "fixes". For the most part you will not notice this update, but in case you do you, you will know it is keeping your system healthy.

Call us if you need us!

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