Burglaries, thefts on the rise in San Luis Obispo - Reports The Tribune in a 7/1/16 article

July 14, 2016

Recently there was an informative article in the local newspaper (The Tribune, July 1st, 2016) that highlighted the rise of residential burglaries in San Luis Obispo. Some of the details were interesting to note. "In 2015, home burglaries increased 20.3 percent over 2014; thefts by 29.9 percent; and car break-ins by 43.6 percent." The local police department verified that the numbers for 2016 will be higher.

One of the messages in this article was to be aware. If you notice anything in your neighborhood that seems suspicious or different, share that information with your neighbors and call the police. We appreciated that Captain Keith Storton said --- "even if you're not sure or think you may be wasting our time, it is best to let us know."

One unfortunate homeowner in the Ferrini Heights area was burglarized during the middle of the day. She admitted to leaving a back door open for her dog, and has since come to realize that you need to be more vigilant, and less trusting.

So the take away is - CLOSE AND LOCK all doors/windows when you are gone. Consider installing a security system that is monitored. Share information with your neighbors and be on the lookout for activity that is out of the ordinary.

It is sobering to become a victim to this sort of crime. We encourage you to be proactive in securing your home, as it does change our lives when a burglary happens to us. Take control and protect your home.

Colette Came

Came Security Alarms

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